Police Cadet

From my Declaration on 11th April until 19 September 2019, Mr Finley O’ Riordan was my Police cadet. From 19th September, Ms Bradie Smith has taken on this role for the next 12 months.

Ms Bradie Smith

 I have been fortunate to have joined Melton Cadet Unit in their first year as a live youth group; this is my fourth year and my last; it is a pleasure to be ending my Cadet term as the High Sheriff of Rutland Cadet.

My hopes are to work within the armed forces as a mental health nurse, supporting people with traumatic mental health injuries and suicide prevention. I am a youth ambassador for Paladin which is an organisation that supports young people who have been victims of stalking and I support the development of a ‘safe place or calm room’ in my school for young people who need help.

I am completing my Silver DofE this year which is an excellent way to develop life skills and to motivate younger people to give something back to local communities. I have recently won an award for helping my elderly neighbour, and whilst this was nice – I feel it is something all young people should be doing. Leicester has supported many cadets, building their skills and their confidence but also giving them an insight into what working within the Police Force will be like.

I have been able to attend community days, volunteer at local events, support police training days and I have represented the Cadet Force in Germany; but one of my highlights was in being able to ‘Light the lakes’ on two years running – some leaders supported a group of cadets in climbing our chosen peaks to raise money for the CoPS charity, we were all different abilities but helped each other get to the top, pitch our tents, cook our meals and wake at 03:00hrs to light flares / beacons in memory of those who lost their lives on duty.

I hope to help the High Sheriffs this year in their aims and I hope to be able to get younger people involved in more community support groups and reduce hurtful actions within our communities.

Mr Finley O’Riordan

My name is Finley O’Riordan and I am a Leicestershire Police Cadet and acting High Sheriff Cadet for the High Sheriff of Rutland, Mrs Margaret Miles. I joined Leicestershire Police Cadets in 2017 as I am interested in pursuing a career in the Police Force after completion of my studies. As a Police Cadet I have had many excellent and unique opportunities to be involved with local Policing in my community and in Leicestershire too. Outside of Police Cadets I volunteer at a Rainbows Hospice retail shop where I work as a lead volunteer. I am currently working towards my Gold DofE award after having completed both the Bronze and Silver awards. I am immensely proud to hold the position as the High Sheriff Cadet for Rutland and I am looking forward to supporting The High Sheriff in her duties.