Previous High Sheriffs

The Sheriff is the oldest secular office under the Crown: there has been a Sheriff of Rutland since 1129. Under the provisions of the Local Government Act 1972, on 1 April 1974 the office previously known as Sheriff was retitled High Sheriff. The High Sheriff changes every March/April.

After some 23 years as part of Leicestershire, Rutland became a Unitary Authority on 1 April 1997 with its own shrievalty, thus reestablishing the separate High Sheriff of Rutland.

Rutland’s High Sheriffs since 1997:

  • 1997 David Barry Owen of Teigh
  • 1998 Lorna Lee Taylor of Ashwell
  • 1999 Lady Wendy Margaret Lancaster Goldring of Preston
  • 2000 Robert Noel Charles Bingley of Wing
  • 2001 Michael Martin Allen of Brooke
  • 2002 Stuart Geer Paton of Clipsham
  • 2003 Mary Constance Lloyd of Uppingham
  • 2004 Mark Edward Taylor of Manton
  • 2005 Robert Edmund John Boyle of Bisbrooke
  • 2006 Miranda Lynne Hall of Hambleton
  • 2007 Barbara Elizabeth Gilman of Pilton
  • 2008 Thomas Hornby Graham (Tommy) Cooper of Exton
  • 2009 Elizabeth Anne Mills of Empingham and Ashwell
  • 2010 Sarah Catharine Forsyth of Uppingham
  • 2011 Peter Outram Lawson of Lyddington
  • 2012 Bartle Grimston Hellyer of Ridlington
  • 2013 Trish Ruddle of Oakham
  • 2014 Air Commodore S Miles D Williamson-Noble of Pickworth
  • 2015 Andrew Jonathon Brown of Caldecott
  • 2016 Dr Sarah H Furness of Whissendine
  • 2017 Craig L. Mitchell of Oakham
  • 2018 Margaret Susan Jarron of Edith Weston
  • 2019 Margaret Allan Miles of Clipsham
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