Reverend Anthony Oram

I was born and grew up in south London, leaving school at 16 to work in St George’s teaching hospital in Tooting. I met Tessa, my wife,  in a Baptist church in Streatham. We were married shortly after and have two wonderful sons; Barney and Peter. They are both grown now and living in Cheshire as a sound designer and at Derby University studying Photography respectively.

We moved north in 2005, to Beverley in East Yorkshire, and I went back to education myself, getting a degree as a mature student and then becoming a primary school teacher. I loved this work yet could never quite shake off the idea that ordination was a possible calling. Eventually, encouraged by the then Bishop of Hull, I decided to ‘push the door’ and found myself at St John’s College Nottingham training for the ministry. I am very pleased to have recently taken up the position of Rector of Cottesmore Benefice and we are enjoying making our home in this lovely part of the world as we explore the new horizons ahead of us.

I am delighted to have been asked by the High Sherriff to be her chaplain for this year. It is a privilege to support her in her goals of promoting justice and opportunity particularly for young people. We have very much enjoyed meeting Margaret and Robert and look forward to supporting and praying for the work she undertakes during the year ahead.