The High Sheriff, Richard

The Under Sheriff, Kate Blank

I am a Rutland girl, my parents having moved to Preston in 1969. I went to Oakham school then studied law with French LLB Hons at the University of Birmingham and gained my Master of Laws (LLM) at the University of Leicester. I practised as a solicitor for all my working life, mostly at firms in Birmingham and Leicester. I specialised in corporate and business law for private companies, businesses and individuals.

he role of the Under Sheriff is to support, guide and deputise for the High Sheriff. The role is traditionally filled by a solicitor as the High Sheriff was previously responsible for law and order in their county. This included executing writs of possession where a plaintiff had obtained judgement and subsequently was able to seize assets situated in the county to satisfy that judgement – a High Sheriff would often need advice from a lawyer to do this. Although this role has passed to the court bailiffs there is still an element of legal support needed for the High Sheriff.

I am very honoured to have been asked every year since 2010 to be the Under Sheriff, as the High Sheriff makes their own appointment each year.

I live in Rutland, I am married to a very patient Michael and my children who keep me fit are a springer spaniel and a Labrador !

Chaplain, Reverend Canon Rachel Watts

Canon Rachel Watts was among the first women to be ordained priest in 1994. She has spent most of her ministry in Lancashire and arrived in Rutland in 2011 as Rector of the Uppingham Benefice.

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