Ride and Stride

Rutland’s Ride and Stride: Saturday 14th September.

 Today Robert and I took part in Rutland’s Ride & Stride, where the aim is to visit churches within the county and raise funds for the restoration and maintenance of these historic churches. We had decided that as High Sheriff, I should cycle around the perimeter of the county – the route totalled approximately 64 miles and visited 23 churches. Having planned the route (see below) some months ahead, we realised that we would need special permission to set off a little earlier than usual. So on Saturday – with a wonderfully sunny forecast, we left from Clipsham church at 7.30 am together with our co-cyclists. We had a magnificent day: fabulous cycle routes, great scenic countryside, beautiful churches, delicious in-church refreshments and excellent company from fellow cyclists. During 40 miles of the journey we were joined by Rutland Radio’s presenter Rob Persani – who impressively cycled with us whilst simultaneously sending in recordings for his Saturday morning show ! Many thanks to all the organisers of this event (well done on choosing such a perfect day for weather) and to those who ‘manned’ the churches and provided a delicious range of refreshments, especially those who were there at our early morning calls. We finished our tour of Rutland at 4.50 pm and were greeted by a delightful gathering of Clipsham locals at the church and some chilled champagne – a perfect end to a perfect day. Another group from Clipsham set off to visit other churches in the locality and also had a great time exploring new routes & churches, as well as enjoying the en-route coffee & cakes.  I hope that between us and others on Ride& Stride in Rutland, we were able to raise some good funds for this great charity founded in 1954 that seeks to maintain our beautiful churches. Congratulations to ALL in the county who took part and let’s try to get even more participation in the next event in September 2021. https://www.rhcpt.co.uk